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Protects from embarrassing sweat

Sweating at the gym is great, but sometimes sweat can show up at the worst times. Bodyology’s wicking-infused garments help you to better manage the unwelcomed sweat.


Extends the life of clothing

Say goodbye to yellow armpit stains! By creating a barrier of protection between your clothing and your body chemistry, Bodyology keeps your clothes looking better, longer.

Lowers Drying Costs

When wearing Bodyology undershirts and underbottoms, you’re able to get more use out of your clothes, thus reducing dry cleaning costs up to several hundred dollars per year.


Contours to the body

Granted our spandex-infused garments won’t take a couple inches off your waist. However, they will smooth you out, while still allowing you to breathe!


Boosts Confidence

No one wants to feel self-consciousness about sweating through their clothes. Wearing Bodyology allows you to be worry-free, whether at the soccer game or in the boardroom.


Combats Odor

Sweat can be smelly and irritating. Our high performance fabrics incorporate an anti-microbial finish which obstructs the growth of bacteria and fungi that often cause odor, infections and rashes.

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